Why should you take your business online amidst the Covide-19 Pandemic?

The world has come to a halt, and so have most businesses. Though COVID-19 pandemic has brought up a unique situation, you don’t necessarily have to shut your business down. How to go about it then?

Just take your business online!

You can go virtual through a streaming website and get your business back on track. This will ensure safety to both you and your customers, as well as get maximum business reach to viewers online.

Let’s find out how to take your business online:

1. Create a business website:
You need to begin with choosing an instantly deployable streaming website. Once you have aced it, you have got half the work done. Check for the preview of your website to know the look and feel of it. That’s how your customers are going to experience while being on your streaming website.

2. Synchronize your website:
The next step after deploying your streaming website is content synchronization. This is something that you cannot miss when going online. Add all your audio and video content. Further, you want to determine what content type you should upload. You can think of adding both on-demand as well as live streaming business content to your website.

3. Customization:
After the setup, go for the customization process for your website. After all, the front-end of your streaming website is the face of your company. And customizing it the right way will invite more interaction with viewers. This is crucial for ensuring better user experience to your viewers, which will ultimately drive and retain traffic.

4. Choose monetization model:
The ultimate goal of going online is to maintain the flow of revenue. And for that, you need to select the right way to charge for your content. You can choose multiple monetization formats like Subscription based (SVOD), Ad-based (AVOD), TVOD (Transactional based Video-on-Demand), and PPV (Pay Per View).

5. Create awareness about your online presence:
All your effort will be in vain if your potential customers are not aware about your online presence. Notify them that your online business is ready to cater to their needs amidst the pandemic. Connect to them through marketing channels like emails, social media, text messages, etc.

With a good platform at your disposal, you can make your business go live right away.

Backed by 500+ features, Muvi’s end-to-end streaming platform can help you launch your streaming platform instantly.

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Launch your own branded multi-screen OTT Video/Audio Streaming Platform instantly! Zero-coding! Zero-upfront investment! www.muvi.com

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