What is the Function of a Recommendation Engine?
What is the Function of a Recommendation Engine?

A recommendation engine or recommendation system has the ability to predict which products or services a user will prefer. Most of the online businesses starting from e-commerce stores to OTT channels use recommendation engines. ‘Recommended Movies’ on Amazon Prime, ‘Bought Together’ on Alibaba, and ‘You might also like’ on Amazon are some of the examples of using recommendation engines.

The recommendation engine has taken the limelight for the online businesses since the past decade. Be it e-commerce store or OTT (Over-the-Top) platform, recommendation engine has become indispensable for the business growth. The main task of a recommendation system is recommending the most relevant products or services based on the customer preferences. Cloud recommendation engine (CRE) deploys the cloud instance sizing recommendations on cloud platforms. For instance, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Oracle, and others can provide recommendations on cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Cloud recommendations are used extensively in the diverse sectors starting from online stores…

If you run an online business, then you must know the importance of boosting sales. What if a recommendation engine can help you increase sales? While the main task of a recommendation engine is recommending the preferred products to your users, you can utilize it in improving the sales of your online business.

Three Tips to Boost Sales With a Recommendation Engine
Three Tips to Boost Sales With a Recommendation Engine

Let us walk you through the top three tips of how to boost sales with a recommendation engine -

Offer Personalized Store to Every User

Be it OTT platform or news portal, your users always prefer to have personalized recommendations. A recommendation engine offers each of your users a personalized store containing the…

The e-commerce sector is growing fast and the product recommendation engine has become a popular tool for most of the leading e-commerce stores. When you search a specific product on Amazon, similar products keep popping up for you. That’s what a recommendation engine does, it recommends the most relevant products to each of your users without them doing anything. Survey says that over 40% of shoppers end up buying the products they didn’t plan to buy. And product recommendation acts as a catalyst to it.

Let’s have a look at some of the product recommendation tips for your e-commerce store-

In this era of digitization, the recommendation engine has taken the spotlight for the online businesses. A recommendation system is a type of information filtering tool which recommends the relevant products or services to the users. A majority of the online businesses such as the OTT (Over-the-Top) platforms, e-commerce stores, and other B2B SaaS businesses are opting for recommendation engines to improve their content discoverability and offer real-time recommendations to their users.

A recommendation engine can be of three types- collaborative recommendation engine, content based recommendation engine, and hybrid recommendation engine. …

Recommendation engines are information filtering systems which offer appropriate recommendations based on your customer preferences. Recommendation systems are getting widely adopted across diverse sectors starting from OTT (Over-the-Top) platforms to e-commerce websites. It is important to know how a recommendation engine works in order to utilize it in the right way for your online business.

A recommendation engine or recommendation system generates relevant recommendations through the following steps-

  1. Data Mining
  2. Data Analysis
  3. Data Modelling

Data mining is the process of converting the raw data into useful information. The data mining technique is used in extracting and discovering patterns in large…

The Recommendation system or recommendation engine has become an integral part of the online businesses. While it plays an important role in enhancing the customer experience, there are many factors that determine its efficiency. Transparency is very important for a recommendation system, as it lets the users revise the inputs to improve the recommendations they get. A transparent recommendation system helps the users in understanding why any particular recommendation has been made and allows them to have more personalized recommendations. …

A recommendation system or recommendation engine is basically an information filtering system. It helps you offer the most relevant product or service recommendation to each of your customers. Now, the choices and interests of various customers are different, and it’s next to impossible to provide them apt recommendations without the help of a recommendation engine. In today’s digital era, nearly all digital stores and websites use recommendation systems. Statistics says that nearly 80% of Netflix’s stream time is achieved by its recommendation system, while nearly 35% sales in Amazon is driven by its recommendation engine. But still, why do customers…

When it comes to your B2B SaaS business’s digital presence, increasing website traffic can be pretty challenging. With the help of a recommendation system, you can smoothly drive more traffic to your website. Nowadays, the adoption of recommendation engines has become prominent across various digital stores starting from Netflix to Xbox. A recent study by Mckinsey states that nearly 30% of traffic is via click-throughs on Amazon.com. This gives a glimpse of the potential of a recommendation engine. It also indicates the tough competition as every other business is opting for a recommendation system to get additional benefits.

Here are…

The field of artificial intelligence (AI) was formally founded in 1956 and since then, it has been getting applied in diverse sectors. Starting from gaming to e-commerce websites, AI is everywhere transforming user experience in the best ways possible. One of the most prominent applications of artificial intelligence is in recommendation engines. With the proliferation of OTT platforms, B2B SaaS businesses, and various digital stores, recommendation engines have become an integral tool for most of the leading business players. In this era of data science and robotics, most of the top-rated recommendation engines are equipped with artificial intelligence. …


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